The objective of the Gujarat Civil Services Tribunal is to secure the just claims and interests of specified civil servants, i.e. the officers and employees of the State Government and Panchayats, with respect to matters affecting their rights. Any specified civil servant aggrieved by an original or appellate order or decision of any competent authority including heads of departments, but where such order or decision is not that of the State Government, regarding any of the specified matters may file an appeal before this Tribunal. Every decision of the Tribunal under the Gujarat Civil Services Tribunal Act, 1972, is final and cannot be called in question before any civil court or any other authority and all orders passed by the Tribunal are executed in the same manner in which similar orders, if passed by the State Government could have been executed
         With effect from 19.1.2015 the Tribunal also functions as the Referral Board for the disposal of appeals concerning Performance Appraised Reports filed by the aggrieved officers reported upon.